M9 Underpass Bahria Town Karachi

Building Pakistan

Newly built dedicated Interchange on M9 Underpass is now for the public. Bahria Town-M9 Interchange is Pakistan’s first massive public infrastructure to be constructed and fully funded by a private real estate developer. The objective behind this mega project is not only to assist the commuters living in Bahria Town, but it will also be a boon to travelers at large.

8 km long, the projects include 3 underpasses, multiple slip roads, access roads, service roads, part of M9 that passes through the interchange, extension of an existing bridge, construction of a new bridge, and a causeway. The 35 acres of land on which the project has been built is a beautiful combination of horticulture and infrastructure where elements such as trees, shrubs, and plants are used artistically alongside the network of roads, pavers, and walkways. Modern drainage system is also part of the project. The part of M9 that passes through the interchange widens into a 4-lane for more ease. The interchange area has also been cordoned off by an 8 feet high grill and a 3 feet-high guard rail.

The Bahria Town-M9 Underpass also includes a modern drainage system, which is especially important in this location during the monsoon season.

Bahria Town-M9 Interchange also complements the state-of-the-art road network within Bahria Town, which also features a 400 feet wide 18-lane Jinnah Avenue, inspired by Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai.

Bahria Town built a sophisticated set of underpasses and a flyover in Clifton several years ago to improve people’s living standards and ease of transportation in Karachi. These efforts were followed by the ‘Clean Karachi Campaign’ by Bahria Town Karachi, which aimed to restore the city’s beauty.

Connecting M9 & Bahria Town
8 Kilometers
3 Underpasses
Private Developer

Features / Amenities

  • 35 Acres of Land
  • 8 Kilometers Long
  • 3 Underpasses
  • Multiple Slip Roads
  • Access & Service Roads
  • Bridge & Causeway

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