Monsoon Response & Rainwater Management

Bahria Town holds and records some of the most magnificent systemic developments in any privately owned real estate developer in the Asian region. Apart from streamlined road networking, brilliance of commercial development and other infrastructural wonders, one of the main things which amazes its residents and outsiders as well is the state-of-the-art rainwater management system they have built alongside roads and pathways.

Bahria Town boasts one of the finest Rainwater Management & Roadside Drainage Systems in Pakistan, which is maintained regularly to ensure efficient management of rainwater on roads and walkways; during Monsoon and rainy days. The exceptional topography of Bahria Town allows water to seep properly into and through the drainage system, and clears flooding over roads within a few minutes of time. In situations where the rest of the city faces huge backlogs and delays due to rainwater storing over the road and flooding the streets, the residents of Bahria Town live freely & happily and conveniently while enjoying the rain with utmost pleasure.

In recent years, the rainfall index has increased dramatically, and cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad have been facing problems in terms of commuting, and other day-to-day activities which are to be performed. However, within Bahria Town, it can be largely seen that people have been spending a very leisure time due to efficient management of rainwater.

Apart from roadside management, Bahria Town has developed their very own Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP’s), used to store and harvest domestic water for recycling. Almost a dozen mini dams have been built by Bahria Town itself, in order to make sure that the rainwater is stored and used for electricity generation as well. This allows Bahria Town to ensure that access rainwater is not wasted and can be used in order to supply electricity to its residents.

Regular maintenance and management of these systems is being ensured for as long as they have been built, which ensures that these amenities are at our resident’s disposal whenever they are needed. Bahria Town plans to build more mini dams and better the rainwater management systems in the future as well; which will ensure that the residents can keep on living without any disruptions and enjoy the monsoon and other rainy days to their full extent.

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