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Old Age Home

Joyous Eid Celebration for Bahria Town Rawalpindi Old Age Home Residents

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Bahria Town Rawalpindi – In a heartwarming gesture of community spirit, the residents of the Bahria Town Old Age Home in Rawalpindi were treated to a special Eid outing, allowing them to fully immerse in the festive joy and traditions of the occasion.

The carefully planned outing was organized to ensure that the elderly residents could experience the true essence of Eid. The event included delightful activities and excursions designed to bring joy and create cherished memories for the participants.

From visiting local landmarks to enjoying traditional meals, the day was filled with moments of happiness and togetherness.
“Eid is a time of celebration, reflection, and unity,” said Malik Riaz Hussain Chairman of Bahria Town. “We aimed to ensure that our Old Age Home residents could partake in the festivities and feel the joy that comes with this special occasion. Seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter was incredibly rewarding.”

The initiative reflects Bahria Town’s ongoing commitment to the well-being and happiness of its community members, particularly its senior citizens. The Eid outing was meticulously planned to cater to the needs and preferences of the elderly, ensuring their comfort and enjoyment throughout the day.

The residents expressed immense gratitude for the thoughtful gesture. “It was a wonderful experience. We felt so special and loved,” said the resident of an old age home, one of the attendees. “The care and attention to detail made this Eid unforgettable.”

Bahria Town Rawalpindi remains dedicated to fostering a sense of community and belonging among its residents. This special Eid outing is just one example of the various initiatives taken to enhance the quality of life and bring joy to the lives of senior citizens.

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