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Bahria Town International Hospital Karachi Hosted Free TB Camp in Dumba Goth: Over 500 Patients Receive Vital Health Services

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Karachi – Bahria Town International Hospital Karachi (BTIH) demonstrated its unwavering commitment to community health by organizing a free TB disease camp in Dumba Goth. This noble initiative, aimed at combating tuberculosis and other respiratory illnesses, saw an impressive turnout of 500 patients from Dumba Goth and surrounding areas.

BTIH’s esteemed consultant, Dr. Waqas Rasheed, led the camp, providing comprehensive medical examinations at no cost. The camp offered a range of essential health services, including free blood tests, chest X-rays, respiratory medicines, and blood pressure checks. These services are crucial for early detection and effective management of tuberculosis and other respiratory conditions.

Dr. Waqas Rasheed emphasized the importance of such community health initiatives, stating, “Early diagnosis and treatment of TB are critical in preventing the spread of this disease. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, has access to necessary medical care.”

The camp’s success is a testament to BTIH’s commitment to health outreach and its proactive approach in addressing public health issues. The hospital’s efforts have significantly contributed to the well-being of the Dumba Goth community, providing residents with much-needed medical attention and raising awareness about respiratory health.

The residents expressed their gratitude for the free services, acknowledging the positive impact on their health and quality of life. BTIH plans to continue such initiatives, reinforcing its role as a cornerstone of community health in Karachi.

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