Press Release

Bahria Town Set Up Free Medical Camps for Displaced People

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Displaced people need food, shelter, and medical attention. Due to a lack of clean water and sanitation, diseases are more common in flood-affected areas. The management teams of Bahria Town are setting up free medical camps in some of the most severely affected regions of the country, including Baluchistan and Sindh. Thousands of starving flood victims also receive tents and ration bags of food from Bahria Town.

The Bahria Town medical camps, led by a team of expert paramedics and doctors, has also seen many suffering from various ailments and flood-related injuries. Daily, thousands of people receive medical attention in the form of first aid, free check-ups, consultation, and free medicine.

This is not the first time Bahria Town has stepped forward to help people in difficult situations. In the past also, Bahria Town supported the people of Awaaran in Balochistan after an earthquake hit the region and provided free meals through the platform of Dastarkhwan to the people of Thar in times of famine.

Senior management of Bahria Town is committed to standing with the Nation whenever our fellow citizens are in need. Malik Riaz Hussain, Chairman of Bahria Town, has stated that Bahria Town will always fulfill its social responsibilities to assist victims of the massive devastation caused by rains and floods. Malik Riaz Hussain expressed his deep concern for the suffering of the people displaced from their homes due to the flood.

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