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People often ask me about what drives me and Bahria Town. I believe that all men in history who have positively contributed to their society have been spurred by common things i.e. challenges, and the dream to rise above not only for personal fulfillment but for the common good of all their societies in general.

Bahria Town, I believe is making historic contribution to nation building which even governments would have deemed to be impossible, on such a massive scale, so wide-spread and so fast. We have developed world-class communities the size of cities that offer the strongest infrastructure in the country and promise a lifestyle unparalleled by any other developer in Pakistan. Our successes in Islamabad, Lahore and recently Karachi have taken us just two decades or so, but they have become such integral parts of the cityscape that people of those cities cannot even imagine those cities without Bahria Town. And now we are, proudly venturing into more cities to take the dream and success of Bahria Town everywhere we go.

Through all its initiatives, Bahria Town has created, and will continue to create, jobs for millions of individuals and families. Along with creating jobs within, Bahria Town has also supported development of 55 allied industries including cement, paint, tiles, glass and aluminium. These industries in turn provide jobs to hundreds of thousands of individuals, resulting in economic development of Pakistan. 

My good news to every Pakistani: we will keep building new cities, towns, malls and sky-rises, until we make Pakistan one of the best places in the world to reside in, feel secure about and enjoy a first-world lifestyle. Not only that, Bahria Town is going to make world class housing more and more affordable for all as we go from city to city and raise the standards of living and lifestyle with economic efficiency.

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