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Bahria International Hospital Orchard Lahore Successfully Performs POEM Procedure for Achalasia Treatment

Monday, April 01, 2024

Bahria Town – In a pioneering achievement for medical science in Pakistan, Bahria International Hospital Orchard Lahore successfully done the Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) procedure for the treatment of Achalasia. Led by the esteemed GI and Liver consultants group, headed by Professor Ghias Un Nabi Tayyab, this groundbreaking procedure marks a significant advancement in the realm of gastroenterological care.

Achalasia, a condition characterized by the failure of the esophageal muscles to relax, resulting in swallowing difficulties, has traditionally posed a challenge for medical intervention. However, with the innovative approach adopted by the medical team at Bahria International Hospital Orchard Lahore, patients now have access to a minimally invasive yet highly effective treatment option.

The POEM procedure, conducted in less than 90 minutes, represents a paradigm shift in Achalasia treatment. Unlike traditional approaches such as Lap Assisted Heller’s Myotomy, which may have limitations and risks, POEM offers a blend of minimally invasive endoscopy with the enduring efficacy of surgical myotomy. This unique combination ensures not only optimal treatment outcomes but also minimal postoperative morbidity and shorter hospital stays for patients.

Leading the surgical team, Professor Ghias Un Nabi Tayyab, along with Dr. Ghias Ul Hassan, Dr. Ayesha Hanif, and Dr. Adeel, demonstrated exceptional skill and expertise in executing the POEM procedure. Their dedication to advancing medical care in Pakistan has resulted in a milestone achievement that promises renewed hope for individuals suffering from Achalasia.

The successful completion of the POEM procedure at Bahria International Hospital Orchard Lahore underscores the institution’s commitment to delivering world-class healthcare services to the people of Pakistan. As medical science continues to evolve, Bahria International Hospital remains at the forefront, pioneering innovative treatments and improving patient outcomes.

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