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Bahria Town sets up an additional Dastarkhwan in Bannu

Special Eid arrangements for women & children, comprising of food & cash

10,000 rashan bags, medical treatments for more than 10,0000 patients and distribution of food to more than 80,000 people daily

Bannu: Brig (ret) Tahir Butt

Bahria Town has set up another BahriaDastarkhwan on SuraniKohat Road, Bannu for the IDP’s of the North Waziristan operation Zarb-e-Azb. This Dastakhwan has been established near the IDP camp and thousands of people are being provided with 2 free meals every day. 2 other Dastarkhwans are also functional at Bannu Bus Stand and Miran Shah road MamshKhel.

Bahria Town management also made special Eid arrangements for women & children in which thousands participated. The Bahria Town relief teams made special food arrangements and also distributed cash “Eidi” to the women & children.

Head of Rescue Mission North Waziristan, Brig (ret) Tahir Butt informed that so far 10,000 rashan bags have been distributed, more than 10,000 patients have been provided with free medical treatments and more than 80,000 people are being fed 2 free meals a day at the BahriaDastarhwans.
He also informed that the rescue teams are working relentlessly, distributing rashan bags and medical aid to the people of Takht-e-Nusrati District of Takht. He further stated that the Bahria Town rescue teams will soon leave for D.I Khan to assist the people over there with food and medical aid.
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