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In an Exclusive Interview with CNN Chairman Bahria Town donates US$ 2 billion to flood victims

Promises 75% of his assets for public welfare;

A man who has alone pledged more than double the amount USD 700 million donated by foreign aid agencies: Richard Quest's introduction of Malik Riaz Hussain

Extract from Interview with CNN International

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Chairman Bahria Town, Malik Riaz Hussain has announced the donation of 75% of all his assets for the relief and rehabilitation of flood victims. In an exclusive interview with CNN International on Quest Means Business, prime time business show, Malik Riaz Hussain announced the unprecedented amount of US$ 2 Billion to the cause of helping the victims and elaborated the severity of the calamity damaging the agriculture and economy of the country throughout impacting business and trading activities by up to 60 percent. When the chief anchor person at CNN, Richard Quest reconfirmed whether Malik Riaz Hussain would donate US$ 2 billion, he reaffirmed that he would contribute much more than that amount. This is more than double the amount USD 700 million donated by foreign aid agencies.

In his exclusive interview with CNN, Chairman Bahria Town dwelled on the massive poverty the country is facing and the relevant social issues that arise out of it and reiterated his recent appeal to all billionaires of Pakistan to come forward and help their country. According to him, “If 140 rich Pakistanis come together and commit to alleviating poverty, then this grave national problem could be solved within days.” In this regard, he personally committed to give away 75% of all his wealth to charitable causes within Pakistan.

Malik Riaz Hussain said that if Pakistan gets US$ 25 million, it will be enough for the construction of 10 thousands homes which not only accommodate 80,000 people but will also provide them facilities of education, healthcare & entertainment. He elaborated Bahria Town can construct a house in USD 4,000 only. He said if approached Bahria Town will construct these houses on no profit basis.  Infact he is ready to donate more from his pocket for this cause. He suggested a special team should be established to monitor funds utilization & quality of the houses being constructed.

Speaking of Bahria Town’s ongoing efforts for the poor, Malik Riaz Hussain mentioned that his company presently provides 150 thousand free daily meals, free Healthcare to 80 thousand individuals, everyday. They are also providing them relief goods including tents, utensils, daily items etc. He said “ And I am ready to spend my each every penny for this purpose, because if my people are out of food,
out of houses, I cannot sleep. ” 


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