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Chairman Bahria Town addresses Malaysian Construction,Investment & Development Board

Date: Friday 17 April 2009                                                                                                


While delivering a speech in Malaysia during a dinner hosted by Malaysian Construction Investment & Development Board Melaka and attended by CEOs and Managing Directors of Multinational and Construction Companies of Malaysia, Chairman Bahria Town, Malik Riaz Hussain urged the high-profile multinational developers, entrepreneurs and financers to visit Pakistan and see the lucrative opportunities the country presents them.  

During his speech Malik Riaz Hussain convincingly presented Pakistan’s case as a land of opportunities and invited all investors to invest in Pakistan especially in the sectors of power, construction & transport.. Malik Riaz Hussain enumerated the advantages and opportunities Pakistan offers including the large population of potential customers, infrastructure as well the land area and natural resources. He elaborated that Bahria Town is not only the largest real estate developer in Pakistan but the whole of Asia, directly employing 6 to 7 hundred thousand  professionals and indirectly supporting the livelihoods of 40 million people. Thus, Bahria Town is not only helping eliminate unemployment from Pakistan, but is also catering to the ever-growing housing needs of millions. He informed the entrepreneurs and investors of Malaysia that if they invested in Pakistan, we would soon be seeing a whole new world of opportunities rising. He elaborated that many Malaysian & Pakistani companies are already working on many joint venture projects and a stronger relationship would open up new avenues of mutually beneficial partnerships.


Malik Riaz Hussain also specially thanked His Excellency Malaysian Ambassador to Pakistan, Ahmed Shahizan and the Governor of Melaka,Tun Muhammad Khalil, and extended a warm invitation to the high-profile audience to come to Pakistan and also visit Bahria Town.


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