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Bahria Town is, un-doubtedly, Pakistan's Largest Real Estate Developer.


Bahria Town Real Estate

  • Revitalize the real estate sector in the region
  • Secure member investment
  • Master planned communities
  • High-quality housing solutions

 Housing & Commercial Projects Development

    • Feasibility studies
    • Cultural, fashion and aesthetic comprehension of the market
    • Formulates economies of scale and materials

Town Planning & Urban Development

    • Manages development planning
    • Time keeper and evaluator of projects

Infrastructure & allied facilities

    • Provision of all allied infrastructure


    Bahria Town Land Holding

  • Corporate Real Estate Management solution
  • Decision making and strategy planning
  • Forecasting trends and data
  • Collection and compilation of land data


Geographical Information Systems

    • Digitalization of land record for developments and holdings by satellite imagery
    • Records for landholding have never been computerized
    • Scope of the project is wider than the government’s initiated project
    • Platform and web- based applications by ESRI: ARCGIS 9, ARCIMS, MAPOBJECTS, ERMAPPER
    • Currently computerizing the records for Bahria Town detailing to the house level mapping


Bahria Town Leisure & Recreation

  • Solutions to all Bahria Town residents for their unique preferences in leisure, sports and entertainment activities
  • Initiates socializing and community building services.
  • Maintains and enhances existing recreational facilities
  • Designs and manages various sports, outdoors and cultural events
  • Manages promotion and invitation activities to various events

Town Education

  • Provides an environment which is not only conducive to learning and character building, but where students are prepared for the responsibilities, opportunities and challenges of adulthood. 
  • Conscientiously designed schools and the finest team of educationists

ACE International Academy 

 ( www.aceia.edu.pk )

Purpose Built Campus with 4 Storey Building giving modern facilities for educational programs and play grounds.

  • ·    Pre-school to IGCSE and A-levels.
  • ·     Accredited Centre for Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Board.
  • ·      Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • ·      Accommodating over 800 students
  • ·       Fully Networked Classrooms
  • ·       State-of-the-art Athletic Facilities
  • ·       Knowledge Based Educational Programs
  • ·      Classrooms equipped with smart interactive boards

Bahria University City

    • A purpose built campus with hostels, accommodation, administration block, restaurants, conference halls, community club etc.
    Schools in Bahria Town Lahore and Rawalpindi
    • Pre-school to intermediate level education
    • Accredited by University of Cambridge International Examination for O/A Levels and Agha Khan Board Pakistan for Matriculation Exams
    • Over 800 students in Bahria Town Rawalpindi School and 400 in Bahria Town Lahore School


Bahria Town Health Care

  • Complete Healthcare facilities
  • High-quality, affordable and accessible care.
  • Most modern and sophisticated equipment
  • Run by highly qualified medical specialists.

Bahria Town Hospital Lahore & Islamabad

    • Fully operational hospitals
    • Departments: Nephrology, ENT, Neurology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Dentistry, General surgery, Eye department, Cardiology, Gynecology, Dental surgery, Dermatology, 24 hours emergency care unit/trauma centre, 24/7 On call ambulance services

Bahria Town Retail

  • Comprehensive facilities to all residents
  • Mall of Lahore-Park Lane Tower

     Pakistan’s largest Shopping & Lifestyle destination

     (www.btplt.com )

Civic Center

  • Mega Commercial project covering an area of thousands of square feet. It will also contain a bus terminal, fuel station and public buildings for support and maintenance.

Safari Mall

  • Purpose built building will host top global and regional brand shops

Executive Shopping Arcade

  • The project has been completed is serving residents and non-residents alike.


Bahria Town Services

  • Provide comprehensive support services to all residents of Bahria Town
  • Maintain existing infrastructure
  • Ensure persistent functioning of value added services
  • Resolves residents general complaints


Design Studio

  • Team of foreign qualified architects and engineers 
  • One-stop comprehensive advice and services.

Services & Maintenance

  • Police Station
  • Post Office
  • Emergency Services (Fire Brigade, Mobile Health Units)
  • Maintenance Services & Garbage Disposal


Bahria Town Industries

  • Provides support to the projects by investing in industries for vertical integration
  • Ensures quality benchmarking and control from raw materials to the finished goods used in Bahria Town developments

Town Media

  • Raise standards of authentic and credible journalism
  • Provide insights and information on the latest economical, financial and political developments in the region and globally

Bahria Town Trust


    Akhtar Ruksana Memorial Trust 

  •  Modern Healthcare Hospitals in Rawalpindi & Lahore
  • More than Rs.400 Million so far spent on welfare activities in different cities.
  • At forefront during the recent devastating earthquake that struck our nation.
  • Process of setting up a chain of hospitals in Pakistan.
  • An established education trust fund.
  • Coordinating with a number of organizations and institutes nationwide
  • Regular medical camps

Bahria Town Dastarkhwan 

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  • Located in Karachi,Lahore,Rawalpindi,Larkana.
  • Providing free meals daily to the underprivileged people.
  • Serving rotating menu weekly.
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