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Grid Station

Candle light dinners are most enjoyable when they are not forced. In today’s modern world of electrical home appliances we realize that poor maintenance of the electricity supply may mean a loss of a few expensive appliances alongside added inconvenience. Thus in order to keep your passionately light decorated houses glimmering we have commissioned a dedicated grid station to ensure high reliability power supply.

Bahria Town has ensured un-interrupted supply in rough weather conditions by installing an underground power transmission cabling network. So come rain or storm, your share of the power supply is un-interruptedly and consistently delivered to your home. As a habit this is also a first in underground power cabling in Pakistan by Bahria Town.

Below is a picture of the Grid Station status in our projects:

Bahria Town Phase 1- 6
The Grid Station in Bahria Town Rawalpindi by Siemens has the installed capacity to generate 10 MW (Megawatts) with future headroom of 30MW.

Bahria Town Phase 8-9
The design for the 50 MW Grid Station in Phase 8 & 9 has also been approved by WAPDA.

Bahria Town Lahore
Grid Station in Bahria Town Lahore has been installed & commissioned by Siemens has the capacity to produce 78 MWA with 132 KVA transmission lines.

Backup Power supply
Generator 1150 KVA, from Cumins Company, periodical maintenance done by Cumins, incase of power failure the backup supply, this supplies power to all Bahria Town Lahore residents & commercial areas, incase of load shedding or power failure from WAPDA the power is retired within 30-45 seconds so that the residents have comfortable life style

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