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We are of the opinion that your life should not be limited to the confines of your house or luxury villa. The infrastructure of your location must liberate you from all civic issues so that you can share your lifestyles with each other and strengthen the communal fabric.

At Bahria Town we strive hard, be it rain or a storm, be it hot under the sun or cold in the winter nights, to ensure persistent and trouble free functioning of basic support and value added services and utilities within the comfort zones of your home and vicinity.

Grand Jamia Masjid


Worlds 7th Largest; Capacity of 70,000
Pakistan’s Largest Indoor Praying Facility; 25,000

The Grand Jamia Masjid is a proud identity of Bahria Town Lahore and will symbolize Pakistan through out the Islamic World. Truly a masterpiece, the mosque’s interior is absolutely magnificent, with breathtaking views representing the fusion of traditional Islamic architecture with Pakistani culture. The carpet has been custom-made and imported  from Turkey, there are over 50 luminous Persian chandeliers, creating a vibrant Islamic ambiance.

Dolphin Arena



Get enchanted by the grace and amazing acrobats of Dolphins in an interactive show that will leave you in awe of these beautiful mammals. You will be entertained and educated at the same time, watching these delightful dolphins playfully interacting with their trainers.

Bahria Food Park



Enjoy cuisines from around the country at the Bahria Town Food Park. From spicy foods to tingle your taste buds to delectable treats feeding your sweet tooth, you will find everything you crave for, at the food park.

Bahria Night Safari



Experience the magnificence of the wild in Bahria Town at Pakistan’s first Day and Night Safari. The safari will feature unique experiences in a safe and secure environment.

Bahria Adventura



Bahria Adventura is a world-class Theme Park featuring the most extensive range of thrilling and exciting rides ever witnessed in Pakistan. With architecture reflecting the great adventures of renowned characters such as Sinbad and Aladdin, dive into the fun and adventure, with electrifying roller-coasters, grand castles, great ferris wheel, water-rides, top-class restaurants and much more.

City Centre



Bahria Town City Centre will mark its way into the retail sector and add a completely new flavor to Shopping & Retail. With the widest range of Local and Imported designer brands and year-round recreation activities, no other facility will fulfill your desires again. The City Centre is a truly refined shopping experience with retail, dining, leisure & entertainment activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Bahria Town Dastarkhwan

Above and beyond the contribution of Bahria Town in different sectors, now Bahria Town Pvt. Limited has come up with a new social project of Bahria Dastarkhwan to feed the underprivileged people and for the people who are unable get the basic food. “Bahria Town Dastarkhawan” is providing free meals daily to hard-up people.


Believing in an Educated Nation, Bahria Town aims to strengthen Pakistan’s future as a nation. With conscientiously designed school setup and finest team of educationists to facilitate objective learning, Bahria town is securing a desirable future for your children. Fully equipped science laboratories, computer rooms, libraries and playgrounds, Bahria town runs a host of primary and secondary education schools providing the highest quality of teaching and extracurricular activities for an all-round balanced growth of our most precious assets, our children.


A very integral part of any community living concept is to have complete and comprehensive medical services, so that the residents feel well cared for. The medical facilities at Bahria Town are equipped extensively with the most modern and sophisticated medical equipment run by experienced and highly qualified medical specialists.

Commercial Zones

The Bahria Town Commercial Zones are designed and managed to house all the retail items of daily and specialized needs. From grocery to designer clothes, heart snatching and home décor are all available for the convenience and independence of our precious family members; the residents of Bahria town.


Bahria Town is a pretty spirit lifting place to live. The nature-full serene setting reminds us all of the boundless blessings Allah, The Creator, has arranged for our peace. “The Home of Allah”, Mosques, in such settings is but our humble effort to thank our Allah Almighty for His kindness.

Garbage Disposal

Beauty is easier achieved but harder maintained. We have therefore diversified our civil maintenance wing in order to cater to all the major focuses in maintenance. Our trained staff with the modern cleaning and disposal equipment ensures that the roads are kept clean, the garbage bins are emptied daily and any and all littering is removed before becoming visible.

Security System

Bahria Town has installed comprehensive security systems throughout the project to ensure secure living standards for the residents. Bahria town security department is equipped with highly trained and resourceful security personnel who are consistently patrolling the vicinity.

Maintenance Services

Afraid to have strangers in your house to fix a problem or regularly facing delays due to scarcity of time after the office hours to resolve domestic issues. We ensure that you are not bothered by such petty matters. 24 hours doorstep maintenance services are available on a single call from your home to the Bahria Town Maintenance Services Wing. No service charges except material replacements and that too without you having to bother looking for someone

Fire Brigade Service

Since the safety of our residents is our prime promise, we have set up a comprehensive fire brigade station system in both Bahria Town Lahore & Islamabad.

Transport System

Understanding the fact of travel issues and how the quality of travel contributes to the quality of performance after reaching the destination, is the spirit behind the "Bahria Town Transport Service". With an imported Commuter fleet Bahria town residents shall have quick and joyful access to all Main Zones of Bahria Town.

Retail Areas

Caught unprepared in a surprise guest visit, last date for payment of utility bills, emergency need for cash and above all no car is available at home, well bear no more sweat! Realizing all the challenges of a fast-paced life of today and a hyper-tomorrow, Bahria Town has designed all retail and commercial facilities around your address. You can simply take a stroll around easily accessed shopping areas and fulfill of your household needs. Kiosks have been placed in various locations in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi to facilitate the members with the payment of their utility bills.

Post Office

We believe in keeping you connected to your relatives and your business network. Dedicated post office equipped with modern postal services ensures swift and accurate delivery from and to the desired locations.

Police Station

Our commitment to your safety is demonstrated by the fact that Bahria Town has a dedicated government police station within the confines of the society. This gives undivided attention to the total security of our valued residents. This is made possible by donating free land and provisioning a fully constructed and functional station building for the uncompromised security of our valued residents.

Sales Center



Our Sales Center is open 7 days a week to help you

Bahria Cares



Driven by the highest standards of corporate governance and social responsibility.

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