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The Saddle Lounge, Bahria Town Rawalpindi
THE ARENA Bahria Orchard Lahore
Rubaish Marquee

The Rubaish Marquee is Pakistan’s first 7-star banquet & conference facility.
Taj Banquets

Taj Banquets is one of the largest and most luxurious banquet facilities in the country with a capacity of over 2000 guests.

Bahria Country Club

Bahria Town offers yet another world class destination for family entertainment. Enjoy the divine landscaping and water features while playing a round of mini golf at the Bahria Country Club.

GreenValley Premium Supermarket

“Greenvalley”, is another super mart but with a distinct look that supersedes all claims of its peers in the same category as an international level Shopping Malls.

The Spa

The Splendor of Silence, Surrender and Serenity.

Gold Spa & Fitness Club

The Splendor of Silence, Surrender and Serenity.

Fitness Clubs

Safari Life Fitness gym’s innovative cutting edge equipment, with trainers, aerobic classes and more now include your very own personal Massage Therapist.

Join now to avail the most modern facilities for your healthy lifestyle with our professional trainers and masseurs giving you a perfect workout to meet your fitness needs.

Community Clubs

At Bahria Town you can actually club and not just carry the burden of an expensive club member card that is too expensive to utilize. Or it’s just that the club does not offer the variety of facilities and services that you may wish for. The Safari Club gives you all the accesses at reasonable costs so that you can actually live a clubber’s life.

Dining out is an important part of the Pakistani lifestyle. Be it with family, associates or just a casual night out with friends; the traditional love for cuisines always culminates these outings at restaurants, hotels and food courts.

At Bahria Town we offer a wide variety of cuisines and ambiance to fit every mood and occasion.

Commercial Centers

The Splendor of Silence, Surrender and Serenity.

Golf Courses

Living along expansive luxurious greens is pretty much the lifestyle vision of anyone, especially golfers. With a vision to provide a ifestyle rich in ambience and exclusivity, Bahria Town will be launching golf community portfolios that will be offering its residents  xclusive golf homes designed around some of the finest golf courses in the country.

Mini Golf Courses

Designed principally as putting tracts which mimic the subtle contours of real golf greens, the mini golf courses in Bahria Town are enjoyed by serious golfers as well as recreational players.

Horse Riding Clubs
Horseback riding fills your veins with that extra dose of adrenalin you crave for! Pump up some more with exhilarating rides over the finest stallions bred and trained at our very own stables. Or take your entire family out for “family joy rides” on our lush green trails. We offer training programs for all levels: beginner, intermediate & advanced. Training programs can also be tailored to meet your individual requirements. After evaluating your current riding skills our dedicated trainers can guide you properly as to which program is fit for you. Our riding clubs are fully operational in both Rawalpindi and Lahore.



Looking for a fun break with your family and friends, or a lifting timeout all by yourself? If so, then the Cinemas in Bahria Town are just right for you. The majestic, fully air-conditioned halls are impressive and soothing, while the state-of-the-art Cineplex screen and latest surround sound treat you to a delightful entertainment experience with the most modern cinemas in Pakistan. What’s more, you’ll have a say in the choicest movies being played, courtesy our members feedback.

The Arena

The Arena introduces to the residents of Bahria Town and the Twin Cities a first of its kind Gold Class digital 3D cinema experience.

Cine Gold

Located at The Square, Bahria Town Lahore, Cine Gold is one of the best cinemas in Pakistan.

Cine Gold Plex

Pakistan’s First Gold Class 3D Cinema

Parks & Zoos
Bahria Town is filled with parks and zoos. Animal exhibits are spread all over Bahria Town and animals from dogs to reindeers, from cougars to lionesses can be found in certain locations.
Mini Formula-1-Track

Channeling the wild energy of our youth in a safe and controlled environment.
Bahria Town, the largest private real estate developer in Asia, aims to provide excellent leisure activities for the whole family. In line with this goal, an international standard Mini Formula One racing track, one of the fastest growing sport in the world, has also been installed to add more thrill and joy for the residents of Bahria Town.


If you strive to look good and feel great then the Salons in Bahria Town are the perfect place for you. You'll get everything you need from a whole body makeover to a relaxing massage.

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