Press Release

Three days riding gala ended in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

7th November 2021

The annual Riding Gala Festival in Bahria Town was well attended and it was a great success. Ambassadors from different countries also attended. Prizes were distributed at the end of the Chief Executive Riding Gala which included Mr. Commodore Muhammad Ilyas, Vice Chief Executive and Chairman Bahria Riding Club, Mr. Sajid Ilyas, Deputy Chief Executive Bahria Town and Haji Amjad Mahmood Chaudhry MPA and Shiraz Saleem. The first prize went to Al Naqib Club Jhelum and the second prize went to Kotha Kalan Club. The third-place team was Maula Ali Lajpal Club. Prizes were distributed among the three teams. 

The promotion of such exciting social activities is part of the tradition of Bahria Town. 

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