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Mini Dams

Bahria Town Karachi succeeds in accumulating 167 million gallons in 12 mini dams
Bahria Town Karachi is the only private real estate developer to have built its own mini dams

Friday, July 8, 2022

Karachi: Bahria Town Karachi has succeeded in accumulating and storing rain water in mini dams during this spell of monsoon rains. With total capacity of 167.6 million gallons, these 12 mini dams which were built in 2019 all around Bahria Town Karachi have successfully accumulated rainwater to its full capacity. 

Rain water is harvested by taking it to the dams by using a complex water drainage system. One can easily assess the effectiveness of this drainage system by looking at the fact that Bahria Town Karachi succeeded in accumulating such a huge reservoir of rain water by effectively saving each and every drop of a few days of raining spell. Moreover, excess in natural water ways is also collected hence effectively reducing the chances of flooding and saving villages from damages caused by floods and saving millions of gallons of water from emptying into the sea.   

Bahria Town Karachi use these water reserves for its horticultural needs and in construction process while conserving fresh drinking water.  

By effective water management, these dams has reflected positively on the ground water table and sustainable development of the region. Bahria Town Karachi plans to increase its storage capacity up to 275 million gallons by building more dams in future.  

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