Maintenance Services

most comprehensive facility management department in pakistan

Bahria Town makes a lifelong commitment to the communities it develops by providing all the residents with home maintenance services, available 24/7 at their doorstep. All maintenance services are just a phone call away.

Department has its own team of carpenters, plumbing staff, electric staff, and sewerage cleaners etc. which are just one call away for the residents and provide support free of charge. They also ensure that all public areas and amenities are maintained and are in their best conditions at all times.

In essence, this service is what differentiates Bahria Town from other societies and has helped maintain the charm and beauty of this place for over 17 years.

Beauty is easier to achieve and harder to maintain. Our trained staff with the modern cleaning and disposal equipment ensures that the roads are kept clean, the garbage bins are emptied daily and all littering is removed before becoming visible.

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