Keys for Career Success According to Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz Hussain, one of the most affluent people in the country, wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he faced many hardships in the beginning, but he became a multi-billionaire in 20 years with his tireless work and continues to amass wealth.

‘Throughout my career, successful people inspired me,’ said Malik Riaz Hussain. ‘Some were people I worked with; others were people I admired from a distance. I discovered that these successful people shared specific skills, attributes, and characteristics, regardless of their chosen field. After years of experience, I have concluded that it’s a process that every successful person in the world has been through. This five steps process is the Key to Career Success. This process helped me to shape Asia’s No.1 Real Estate Company, Bahria Town.’

Here’s what Malik Riaz Hussain considers as a process, the path to career success.

Know Who You Are

According to Malik Riaz Self-recognition is the first step to success. It all begins with you knowing the purpose of your existence. As no one is born in this world without reason, there is a purpose for every individual’s existence. If we don’t find and follow that purpose, life will continue to be an infinite string of efforts and pointless pursuits. In exploring yourself and your purpose, you need to find the answers to existential questions such as; what is your passion? What are you naturally good at? What gives you the most excellent satisfaction and sense of accomplishment? You can’t move further toward a successful career without answering these questions.

Be Visionary

After knowing the purpose of your existence, the second most essential thing to do is to have a clear vision. While “purpose” is the reason for your existence, “vision” is a sketch of your future that guides you in all possible directions and helps you line up all your resources to build a career that aligns with your purpose. A clear vision enables you to see your future ahead of time, and you can predict where you will be in the next 5 or 10 years.

Set Your Goals

Once you know your purpose and have a clear vision about what you want to do in your life, the next step is to set a goal and put yourself in the direction to achieve that. Goals are the moving power that transforms your vision into reality. You need to set multiple small objectives and achieve them; it will ultimately lead you closer to your bigger goal. As success never comes too quickly or at once, you must go through the process and start believing in small steps. To make your goals more effective, ensure they are realistic, time-bound, precise, measurable, and achievable.

Develop The Attitude

Your chosen career path and defined goal require a specific mental capability and attitude. And to achieve your goal, you need to develop the necessary attitude. It consists of specific attributes like reading and studying about everything related to your career path, learning essential new skills, planning things and managing time, being organized, keeping a check on your progress, developing competence, and making sure that these all are aligned with your goal, your career path. This is what Malik Riaz refers to as a developing attitude.

Be Consistent

If you achieve the above-given attributes, you will surely start doing better gradually. But then it will make you think why I am not reaching my desired destination. Why am I still struggling? So, here’s the final key to achieving your goal, it’s consistency! As it’s already been mentioned that success always comes in steps, you have to go through the process. So, you need to be mentally prepared for the hardships of the process; you will face failures and disappointments multiple times, and you will feel doomed, but at such times, you have to be patient and persistent. Keep going, keep growing, and rest assured that you will achieve your goal one day or the other!

Final Thoughts…

Remember that many things would get in the way of achieving your goal, but it is up to you to see the passion, show consistency, work hard and make it happen! Nature has a rule; it always rewards the hard worker and the patient. So, start following this process; try to give your best, and you’ll see yourself at the top!