For a Brighter Future

A more learned Pakistan is the only guarantee of our collective brighter future. Bahria Town has taken significant step forward in mentoring future generations which will serve as a benchmark for the years ahead.

 With a holistic approach of being a socially responsible corporate citizen, we also work to promote free, equal access to safe and supportive child-friendly quality education for the deserving children – from early learning through secondary to higher education.

 Running various schools, colleges and other institutes across the nation in different villages and cities, which benefit more than 10,000 students.

Bahria Town is also operating a number of vocational training institutes. Free orphanage homes with complete boarding, lodging and educational facilities

 Providing microfinance loans to students in Rawalpindi Agricultural University.

 Bahria Town has adopted schools in the famine- stricken Thar for complete renovation & high standard education.

Welfare Schools operated by Bahria Town:

  1. Reach Public School, Lahore
  2. Kallar Syedan School, Rawalpindi

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