DanZoo Karachi

Pakistan’s First Day n’ Night Zoo

Magnificence of the wild comes to Bahria Town Karachi with Pakistan’s first Day & Night Zoo, aptly called DanZoo. Experience the jungle Kingdom in a unique setting within an enclosed and secured environment.

Explore the park and get mesmerised by the presence of the king of the jungle, and get up-close with your favourite animals including giraffes, zebras, tigers, llamas, deer, exotic birds and many more. You will be able to visit around the park to get up-close with your favorite animals including lions, giraffes, zebras, crocs, hyenas, bear, llamas, tigers, deer and much more.

When you enter the Zoo, you can take a special tour known as ‘Tour De DanZoo’ which takes you on a golf cart ride to the entire zoo or hop on for the ride of your life on the boats.

Timing: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Ticketing will close at 10:00pm

Open 7 days a week

P. +92 21 38771555

Features / Amenities

  • Widest range of animals
  • Karachi’s largest aviary
  • Tour de DanZoo
  • Day and Night time zoo
  • Fast food and restaurants
  • Foolproof security

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