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Pediatric Heart Surgery

Complex paediatric heart surgery was successfully performed at Bahria Town International Hospital Lahore there is no need to go abroad for these complex surgeries, this facility is now available in Pakistan at a very low cost for deserving people.

14th November 2021

Dr. Aitzaz-ud-Din Syedne, a renowned Cardiac Surgeon from Madinah and Saudi Arabia, has performed the pediatric heart surgery on children successfully at Bahria Town International Hospital. He has been performing services for a long time. Dr. Faiz Rasool, a pediatric surgeon, is performing regular surgery. 

 Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the pediatric heart surgery is being carried out successfully at Bahria Town International Hospital. Now this facility is available in Pakistan, deserving people can take full advantage of it. And health facility card facility is also available. 

 Earlier, Bahria Town International Hospital, Orchard, Lahore had successfully performed heart operations on children which were very complicated. Bahria Town International Hospital and Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Aitzazuddin Syed’s team includes Anaesthesia and ICU Doctors General Iftikhar, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon and Dr. Faiz Rasool, Pediatric Radiologist Dr. Asif Akbar, Dr. Adnan, Dr. Tayyab, Dr. Ali Lashari, Dr. Rameza, Dr. Umair. And the world of light will be included. 

 All the departments at Bahria Town International Orchard are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities where the world’s best machinery and experts are present. Successful liver and kidney transplants for children and adults are being performed at Bahria Town International Orchard. There is an ICU equipped with international facilities where trained staff are performing their duties. Bahria International Hospital Orchard not only receives patients from Pakistan but also from abroad and benefits from international facilities. 

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