Collective Marriages

Helping Nation In bonding people in a Sacred Bond

Marriage is a scared bond that protects the society against many social vices. Islam advocates marriage strongly and declares it as a vital part of faith. Despite of its various positive impacts on individual and collective levels, it is not so easy to get married. Marriages have nowadays become synonyms with huge financial expense and this has deprived certain sections of the society to enjoy from its boons.

The country’s biggest philanthropic personality Malik Riaz felt concerned about the situation and has introduced the ingenious concept of collective marriages in Pakistan. Hundreds of deserving couples are provided with the means of getting married in an extremely respectable manner. Food and other necessary services are offered with dowry to enable the people from the under privileged class to become active members of the society despite their financial constraints.

For the last 12 years Malik Riaz has funded many functions at the houses of notables to celebrate these collective marriages in a memorable manner. Furthermore the employees of Bahria town are provided with interest free loans with easy repayment schedules to facilitate and ensure smooth functioning of marriages

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