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Blood Donation

Blood Donation Camp at Bahria Town Rawalpindi for Thalassemia Patients

Friday, May 13, 2022

Blood Saves life. Many patients with thalassemia rely on blood transfusions to survive and thrive. Jamila Sultana Foundation organized a blood donation camp at Bahria Town Rawalpindi Head Office Phase 8 to instill a sense of social responsibility and help Thalassemia patients fight against this disease.

A large number of donors came forward to support this noble cause. Bahria Town team enthusiastically participated in this camp. After a quick medical checkup of potential donors, they were served with refreshments before donating the blood. Almost 200 people attended the one-day donation camp at Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Bahria Town team were inspired to contribute to their community by lending a helping hand. It was the epitome of selfless service for a good cause.

The role of Bahria Town team in serving humanity has always been exemplary, and Active participation in the blood donation camp is evidence of that fact.

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