Bahria Town – The Safest Living Place Ever

The philosophy of Bahria Town is to view each project holistically, going beyond mere physical planning to include the optimization of social and economic needs while treating both small and large projects with equal attention to detail and quality. Our world-class projects in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, and Nawabshah represent the highest development standards ever achieved in Pakistan. Street layouts that mimic foreign design, carpeted roads, tiled footpaths, street lights, scenic gardens, green areas, and the most recent metropolitan facilities and standards all contribute to creating a picturesque scene in every community. An elegant expression of modern design and gracious living, welcomes those who prefer to live in style.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features of Bahria Town which makes the lives of residents safe and secure:

Security and Surveillance System

Bahria Town communities are undoubtedly the safest in Pakistan, with their security force patrolling all surrounding areas, 24/7 real-time CCTV surveillance monitoring all vital locations, and a government police station. The strategy entails monitoring the area with security cameras at all critical community locations and entry/exit points. The internal clock-free security system in Bahria Town, which includes mobile vans and trained personnel, constantly patrols their designated area. We are determined to make the entire area a safe haven for all who live here, making Bahria the most sought-after lifestyle destination. Bahria provides a haven for all its residents, families, and belongings.

Road Networks

The extensive road network in Bahria, including bridges and underpasses, was designed with traffic flow in mind. The road mesh concept revolves around providing the quickest, most direct, and most straightforward access to and from high-traffic and emergency locations, such as commercial hubs and medical facilities, from every location in Bahria Town. “Expressways” achieve the effectiveness of quick and easy access. There are only a few in Pakistan, and they are only found in one housing society, Bahria Town!


Pakistan’s first private housing society to provide ICT (Information Communication Technology) services to its residents via GPON (Fiber to the Home) technology.

Utility Services

Pakistan’s first private housing society to provide complete underground utilities. It ensures the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of the systems and their aesthetics.

No Load Shedding

In Pakistan, the Bahria housing society will ensure an uninterrupted power supply for its residents by installing backup power generators with 12 and 9 MW capacities in Bahria Town Rawalpindi and Lahore, respectively. Bahria Town (Private) Limited reached another milestone on a pleasant Friday afternoon when it signed an agreement with Shanghai Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Engineering Co. Ltd. (SPTD). Officials from Bahria Town and Shanghai Electric, as well as respected members of society and media personnel, attended the event. With this accomplishment, Bahria Town Karachi will be able to provide electricity to its residents via the National Grid electricity distribution system.

Maintenance Services

Bahria commits to the communities it builds for the long term by providing all residents with home maintenance services available 24/7 at their doorstep. All maintenance services are available; just a phone call away. This service distinguishes Bahria Town from other societies and has contributed to the town’s calm and beauty for over 20 years. The trained staff, combined with the most up-to-date cleaning and disposal equipment, ensures that the roads are kept clean, garbage bins are emptied daily, and all littering is removed before it becomes visible. They also ensure that all public areas and amenities are well-maintained and in good working order.

Amenities & Services

Beauty is easier to achieve and harder to maintain. Bahria town provides 24/7 maintenance services to its residents. Bahria provides transportation to and from all of the city’s essential locations. Each sector has an air-conditioned mosque, spacious Jamia Mosques, beautiful designs, and unique architecture, creating a wonderful Islamic atmosphere. There are separate sections for women, and each mosque displays gorgeous calligraphy. A number of water filtration plants have been installed at various locations, and a wastewater filtration plant was recently installed as well. This plant converts wastewater into clean water, which is then used to water Bahria Town’s plants.

Final Thoughts…

It was a list of some exciting aspects of Bahria Town. Because of these facilities or features, Bahria Town has become a popular attraction in Pakistan. Who would want to live anywhere else with unrivaled, highest living standards and safety? What are your thoughts after reading this article? I’m sure you’ll agree that nothing compares to Bahria Town, and you are right.