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Bahria Dastarkhwan

Bahria Town opens yet another Bahria Dastarkhwan in Mental Health & General Hospital Dadar, District Mansehra

A Big Gift for the patients of Mental Health & General Hospital Dadar, District Mansehra

Friday, November 03, 2023

Lahore – Bahria Town has inaugurated another Bahria Dastarkhwan facility, this time at the Mental Health & General Hospital Dadar in District Mansehra, Lahore. This initiative, driven by the vision of Chairman Bahria Town, Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain, aims to provide daily free breakfast, lunch, and dinner to up to one hundred patients at a time. The doors of Bahria Dastarkhwan are open to all, offering a clean and comfortable environment where everyone can dine with dignity.

Bahria Town has a long-standing commitment to caring for the vulnerable segments of society. On this occasion, people expressed their gratitude, acknowledging the exceptional welfare institutions established by Bahria Town. Across the country, Bahria Dastarkhwan offers free meals three times a day, distributes rations to those in need, provides state-of-the-art healthcare to millions of deserving individuals, and ensures free education for deserving children through the establishment of international standard schools.

In times of natural disasters, such as earthquakes or floods, or during unforeseen events like fires, and in the ongoing efforts to combat hunger and unemployment, Bahria Town consistently takes the lead in serving the country and its citizens in all aspects of life.

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