Press Release

Pakistan Annual Flower Show

Bahria Town Karachi yet again wins 17 awards in a landmark success in 69th Pakistan Annual Flower Show 2020 organized by Horticulture Society of Pakistan

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Karachi: Bahria Town Karachi, which is known for its beautiful landscaping and outstanding parks, was recently awarded positions in 17 different categories in the 69th Pakistan Annual Flower Show 2020 organized by Horticulture Society of Pakistan.

This is not the first time that the Bahria Town’s horticulture department grabbed positions in Pakistan Annual Flower Show event. In last two years also Bahria Town Karachi won top positions in 5 and 13 categories respectively.

Organized by the Horticulture Society of Pakistan, award-winning categories stretched across all sectors of the horticulture industry. Out of these varieties of categories, Bahria Town Karachi won 17 categories. Ancient Park, Carnival and entrance parks stood first in the categories of small, medium and large size parks respectively. Rayhan Hills Golf Course and Club House, Bahria Town International Hospital, Bahria Town Karachi Head Office, Camp Office, Masjid-e-Aashiq, Bahria Adventure Land, Danzoo, Jinnah Avenue and Tauheed Square grabbed the 2nd position in categories ranging from best golf club gardens, hospital garden, themeparks, zoo, roundabouts, parks to office gardens and mosque gardens whereas Masjid-e-Sarwar, Ali Block Park, Paradise Gate, Avenue 1 and Malik Sqaure garnered the 3rd place.

Talking about the achievement of the department, GM Horticulture Bahria Town Karachi, Ms. Ayesha Waqar said, “Bahria Town Karachi is not only adamant in providing the best of lifestyles but also in providing a healthy environment befitting the standards that we want to maintain. There is no doubt that we are successful in overcoming challenges and achieving the results in the form of a refreshing green and clean environment”.

Bahria Town Karachi has also developed an exceptional large scale nursery to develop and nurture exotic species of plants, trees and seasonal flowers. This state-of-the-art nursery is completely equipped with modern tools and techniques in order to fulfill the requirement of horticulture department.

In addition, Bahria Town Karachi, being a conscientious organization, has always opted for preservation and responsible use of resources. For this very reason, techniques of harvesting rain water and treating gray sewer water at a 24/7 Sewerage Treatment Plant has long been established for construction and horticulture needs and conserve fresh drinking water.