Press Release

Monson Rain

Bahria Town Karachi Revitalizes After First Spell of Monsoon Rain

Sunday, July 19, 2020

KARACHI: Bahria Town Karachi is a model city of excellence, an epitome of state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern town planning. Its brilliance was put to test during the first spell of monsoon rain. Not surprisingly, during this heavy downpour, there were no water puddles nor any overflowing gutters, rather the rain made the roads look cleaner and the environment even greener. Water drained out completely and caused no power supply interruptions. Due to brilliant Town Planning, modern draining system, 24/7 power supply- rain in Bahria Town Karachi is not a problem but a blessing. Bahria Town Karachi, being a conscientious organization, has always opted for preservation and responsible use of resources. For this very reason, a 24/7 Sewerage Treatment Plant has long been established to make the gray water reusable for construction and horticultural needs and conserve the fresh water.

Furthermore, Bahria Town has also constructed 12 dams to collect and preserve rain and storm water. During the recent downpour, these dams have the capacity to store 167.6 million gallons of water. This is testament to their efforts to not only effectively utilize natural resources but also conserve them. Due to its brilliant town planning and modern infrastructure, the model city of Bahria Town Karachi remained unaffected by the heavy rain. All services remained uninterrupted and residents went about their daily activities as usual whether at the schools, offices, hospitals, parks, Cinegold cinema, Danzoo or at the Carnival. So whether it’s the rainy season or any other, Bahria Town is the right place for all weathers.