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Bahria Town Karachi becomes the 1st real estate developer in Pakistan to go solar
3 megawatts are being successfully produced in a short time, and targets to achieve 10 megawatts by year-end
Besides solar, the development of urban forests, recycling of sewerage water and rainwater reserves, the introduction of drip irrigation method, and going paperless are some major steps to protect the environment

Friday, June 03, 2022

Karachi: Bahria Town Karachi has become the 1st real estate developer in Pakistan to have understood the need of the time and to protect the environment. For this very reason, Bahria Town Karachi adopted a renewable source of energy and successfully produced 3 Megawatts of electricity using solar panels.

Bahria Town Karachi not only installed solar panels on the rooftops of offices but also promoted the importance of solar power among its residents to convert to renewable energy sources. It is the efforts of the management of Bahria Town Karachi and the electrical team that within a short span of 6 months, Bahria Town succeeded in producing 3 Megawatts of energy, using the rooftops of Bahria Apartments, Bahria Town International Hospital Karachi, shopping galleries and the rooftops of the household of Bahria Town Karachi residents and set an outstanding example.

Besides the installation of a solar system, Bahria Town Karachi has also planned and is in the process of developing urban forests in its various parts for a positive impact on the environment and climate of the region. It is important to note that Bahria Town Karachi does not use fresh water to water the plants and trees but uses treated sewerage water and rainwater reserves. The latest drip irrigation method has been introduced to water as per the requirement of the plants without any wastage. Moreover, Bahria Town Karachi has also gone paperless and replaced 200 plus systems and applications.

Bahria Town Karachi understood the gravity of depleting sources of the county’s resources, revolutionized the country’s energy production, and instigated the corporate and household section of society to consider and take necessary action.

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