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Bahria Town Achieved another Milestone in Medical and Social Welfare

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Islamabad: In a ground breaking event on November 14, 2023, Bahria International Hospital Safari achieved a significant milestone in the field of medicine by successfully conducting the first deceased multi-organ transplant in Pakistan. This remarkable medical feat involved the harvesting of multiple organs from a deceased donor, Mrs. Riffat Suftaj, and their transplantation into three different patients, marking a pivotal moment in the nation’s healthcare history.

Bahria Town International Hospital Safari is equipped with modern equipment and all facilities, highly qualified and experienced medical staff as well as the key role played by Mrs. Suftaj, a compassionate woman who donated her body organs.

Mrs. Suftaj, a compassionate 60-year-old woman, had previously pledged her organs for donation after her demise. Tragically, she was declared brain-dead due to a brain hemorrhage while undergoing treatment at PEMH Rawalpindi. Recognizing the potential to save lives through organ donation, Mrs. Suftaj’s family promptly informed the administration at Bahria International Hospital Safari.

To facilitate the complex procedure, a dedicated team from PKLI Lahore collaborated with Bahria International Hospital Safari. The PKLI team focused on harvesting the liver, which was swiftly transported to Lahore and successfully transplanted into a patient in need. Simultaneously, the highly skilled team at Bahria International Hospital Safari undertook the task of gathering the kidneys from Mrs. Suftaj.

Following the meticulous organ harvesting process, the kidneys were transplanted into two different patients at Bahria International Hospital Safari. The coordinated efforts of the medical teams involved ensured the seamless execution of this intricate procedure, contributing to the success of the historic event.

“We are happy to announce the success of the first deceased multi-organ transplant in Pakistan at Bahria International Hospital Safari,” said Brig (Retd) Dr. Abid Hussain Shah, Senior Hospital administrator at Bahria International Hospital Safari. “This achievement reflects not only the exceptional medical expertise of our teams but also the generosity of individuals like Mrs. Riffat Suftaj and her family, who chose to make a profound impact on the lives of others through organ donation.”

As of now, all three recipients of the transplants are progressing well in their recovery phase. This ground breaking achievement not only highlights the advancements in medical science but also emphasizes the importance of organ donation in saving lives.

Bahria International Hospital Safari expresses its gratitude to the Suftaj family, the medical teams involved, and the broader community for their support and commitment to advancing healthcare in Pakistan. The success of this historic event reinforces Bahria International Hospital Safari’s dedication to pioneering medical breakthroughs and providing exceptional healthcare services to the nation.

Bahria Town International Hospital Safari has already made significant strides in medical procedures, including Pakistan’s first ABO incompatible renal transplant, the first international ABO incompatible renal transplant, and the first-ever deceased multi-organ transplant, demonstrating their commitment to global innovation in the medical field. Moreover, Bahria Town International Hospitals also have the Fontan’s procedure, Paediatric liver transplant, Hypoplastic left heart, and PA banding facilities.

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