Bahria Chirpy Park Karachi

World of Exotic Birds

From Cuckoos to nightingales, from owls to sparrows, from eagles to peacocks, birds have always been fascinating for men. Birds have proofed to be no less inspirational than animals. Since ages, men have been observing, learning and praising birds for their different qualities.

But not all of us get the opportunity to watch and observe them in a natural environment. Bahria Town, understanding the need and importance of an aviary, opened very recently a remarkable bird aviary by the name “The Chirpy Park”, in Ali Block, Bahria Town Karachi.

More than 700 exotic birds of 50 plus different species have been imported and released into a large well-designed space. This bird park is designed with the look and feel of Amazonian forests which is further enhanced and dramatized by the special fog effect. Ambient music along with calming lighting system make the atmosphere a bit dramatic.

Built on the covered area of 50,000 square feet, The Chirpy Park Karachi is home to exotic birds which includes a variety of Lorikeets, Parakeets, Pheasants, Sparrows, Finches and multiple other bird species.


Range of Bird

The park boost a large variety of lorikeets, parakeets, parrots, finches, pheasants, peacocks, conures, doves, koels, bulbuls etc, imported birds, brought in from various parts of the world. Currently the Chirpy Park is home to a large number of species and in near future the park plan to bring in more birds including Flamingoes.

Favorite Food

At Chirpy Park, the staff make sure to provide the birds with food of their liking that is why the park procure a variety of food which includes nuts, berries, fruits, maize, seeds, grains, nectar powder, cerelac etc. in ample quantity.

Number of feeding trays and hanging water trays are installed around the park to make these necessities readily available to birds.

Health Checks & Breeding

The Chirpy Park has a team of experienced veterinarians who are available 24/7 in order to cater to the birds. Besides health checks, the team monitor weather in order to feed relevant supplements to the birds.

Sufficient number of nest boxes are installed in the park to help birds in breeding process. The veterinary staff is also focused on creating safe breeding space for the birds and are expert in hand rearing the hatchlings. The park has also created intensive care unit where the hatchlings will be kept in incubators.

Creation of Natural Habitat

The park has a comforting vibe to it which is achieved by planting a variety of non-fruit and fruit-bearing trees and shrubs. More than 20 palm trees have been planted along with over 11000 shrubs and creepers. The park also have 150 trees which include Gulmohar, Neem, Arjun, Lignum, Poinciana, Alstonia, Catalpa, Tabebuia, Terminalia, Cassia and Brush Trees.

The Souvenir Shop

A Souvenir Shop is also available in the premises for guests to get mementos that will remind them of their visit for months to come.

Exotic Birds Show

Every Sunday, special Exotic Bird Shows are arranged which are not only informative but also add an interesting activity for the visitors. Guests get the chance to interact with tamed birds, Chameleon, reptiles and Pelican bird which are native to Amazon Forests and are part of that ecosystem.

Since its inauguration, this masterpiece has become a true reflection of the vision of Chairman and CEO Bahria Town and a much needed treat for both adults and kids who can now experience the birds in their natural habitat and gain a fortune of learning and experience

Park Timings:

12 PM – 8 PM

Ticketing Timings:

12 PM – 7 PM

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