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Social Values

Corporate Citizenship Values

We firmly believe that our first responsibility is towards our first family. This is the core of our citizenship values. Our family includes our team, our clients and our residents. This essentially means taking care of the immediate environment under and around our communities.


Helping Those in Need

  • Akhtar Rukhsana Memorial Trust, managed entirely by Bahria has so far spent over Rs. 400 million on welfare activities in different cities.
  • Also coordinating with a number of organizations and institutes nationwide
  • Bahria Town has been in the forefront during the recent devastating earthquake that struck our nation. Our support and relief teams were among the first few to reach out to the victims

Healthy People Healthy Community

Regular medical camps are held by the Bahria Town operated hospitals in Islamabad and Lahore. These camps provide free or highly subsidized treatment as follows

  • Immunization of the children of the community for all infectious diseases
  • Sale of medicine at highly subsidized rates to the low income stratum
  • Preventive literature distribution amongst residents for community awareness
  • Round the clock medical emergency and ambulance service

Education for Communal Balance & Harmony

          • Schools operational in the vicinity of Bahria Town
          • College & University under construction for higher education accessibility
          • Provision of co-curricular and extra-curricular facilities like sports grounds and game courts

          Graceful Lifestyle for All

          • Civic amenities for the entire community including a convenient transport system, commercial facilities, recreational options
          • Uniform law and order through security patrols and a check on visitors
          • Clean and maintained infrastructure with dependable utility supplies like electricity, gas, telephone and cable

          We are committed to enhance and restore communities and people in need. You'll see a common thread running through everything we do: to empower people to help themselves


      Green is Life

      • The Special Parks Support Department ensures that the natural vegetation and ecosystem are maintained.
      • Exotic plantation is also imported to give exclusive touch to our developments
      • All projects are eco-friendly. Pre-assessments ensure that the balance is maintained between natural resources like trees, greens, water bodies and the consumers i.e. inhabitants
      • Relocation for any type of wild-life and precious plants is planned for each excavation work

      Nature’s Land Engineering Design

      • Planning incorporates special emphasis on the natural topography with a focus to refine its hidden aesthetics and not to alter the layout altogether
      • This ensures stability of the undergrounds for seismic resistance both for Bahria Town and the adjacent or land-belt sharing habitats
      • Nature is the best artist. We endeavor to build on the same
      • Energy, water and resources, both natural and man-made, are utilized efficiently


      Quality Products for the Public

      • Our product range contains a fit for everyone, every taste and every pocket. This is why our communities truly depict a balanced community representation
      • Quality is maintain at ‘all costs’, in all designs, across nation-wide massive developments and beyond the customer experience

      Contributing to a Sustainable Local & National Economy

          • Bahria Town has created employment for more than 20,000 workers, both directly and indirectly
          • Bahria Town has both revived and developed many construction sector support and supplier concerns thus saving the real estate industry altogether
          • Foreign capital inflow has reached unprecedented levels due to the exposure received by the real estate sector through Bahria Town developments
          • Collaborations with foreign engineering and technical companies has facilitated shared learning, transfer of advanced technology and latest & safest trends in construction engineering;
            • One such example has been the launch of Awami Villas. These pre-fabricated steel structure patent design and technology is cutting edge and time tested.
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