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Rs 500 Million Donated By Bahria Town For Flood Victims

Rescue Teams First To Reach Out To Bajot, Near Sialkot Working Boundary

Bahria Town’s Helicopter, Mobile Medical Units & Dastarkhwans Offering Their Relentless Services

Lahore: Bahria Town initiated its relief efforts in the wake of the recent floods that have devastated the entire nation. This relief operation by Bahria Town is being headed by Brig (ret) Tahir Butt, who is personally supervising these efforts.

The sphere of the operation has been widened to areas including Pasroor, Sambarial, Chakror, PagaGarha, TalalMughlan, Shafi Da Bhatta, KarkhanaCantt, Kangran Road and Bhagowal Road.

Bahria Town rescue teams were the first ones to reach out to the area of Bajwat, which has been extremely affected due to heavy shelling from the Indian Army. Many Dastarkhwans have been set up across various parts of the district, feeding 2 free meals to more than 10,000 people on a daily basis.

Rs 500 million have been allocated for this cause by Chairman Bahria Town, Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain. Bahria Town helicopter has been busy reaching out to the devastated areas that aren’t accessible by land. Bahria Town Mobile Medical Units have treated more than 7,000 patients up till now, suffering from various illnesses. 13,000 bags of ration have been distributed amongst the flood victims.

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