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Malik Riaz Hussain willing to take complete responsibility for 1 lakh IDPs

Chairman Bahria Town vowed to provide Education, Healthcare and Food

Islamabad- Chairman Bahria Town, Malik Riaz Hussain has urged the Government to give the Bahria Town administration full responsibility for one lakh internally displaces persons (IDP’s), vowing to arrange proper care. He said the Government is doing it’s part but privileged Pakistani citizens need to step up as well, adding that Bahria Town has 55 thousand bags of food ready for distribution.

Addressing to the media, Mr. Hussian said that supporting our Pakistani brothers and sisters in North Waziristan is a moral obligation. He said that access has not yet been given to Bahria Town’s administration for the support of the IDP’s. He urged the government to give Bahria Town access to the IDP’s so that the relief work could begin, adding that his team can easily take care of a hundred thousand people. Mr. Hussain informed that Bahria Town’s mobile hospitals are on their way for the relief of the IDP’s and announced that Bahria Town will build a modern village in North Waziristan upon the return of the IDP’s and also a field hospital.

Bahria Town is known to always be at the forefront for the nation during hours of need. Mr. Hussain informed that food will be provided to the people at the IDP camps through the Bahria Dastarkhwan program. He also informed that Bahria Town will provide complete medical and educational facilities to the IDP’s.

Earlier this year Bahria Town administration provided a relief package for the victims of the Tharparker drought with 200 million Rupees. Bahria Town also provided relief during the Awaraan earthquake in Baluchistan, which included building 300, 10-marla homes. Bahria Town also played a vital role in getting the Pakistani Naval crew released from Somali pirates and also played a vital role for the flood affectees in Southern Punjab.
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