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A Promised Delivered (Aid for Fire Victims)

A Promise Delivered by Bahria Town

On the 12th of September 2012, the former chairman of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz had announced the financial assistance of Rs. 200,000 for the heirs of each killed person and Rs. 100,000 for the injured victims.

On the 17th of September 2012, this promise was delivered. Within 5 days of the announcement; the promised amounts were handed over to the victims and their families. 178 heirs of the families have already been handed over the financial amounts along with 4 of the survivors, equaling almost Rs. 40 million . This distribution is being done directly to ensure quick assistance. A total donation of over 60 million rupees is expected to be made solely by Ex-chairman Bahria Town. Mr. Malik Riaz.

The government had announced compensation for the victims’ families, quite a few of who lost more than one member and, in many cases, their sole breadwinner. Business tycoon Malik Riaz had more or less matched the official compensation amount. It was stated in the Dawn opinion section of the newspaper that only Malik Riaz’s pledged compensation will get to the victims because he is perhaps the only one in the country who is capable of delivering whatever to whomsoever and wherever he wishes. So far, only Mr. Malik Riaz has stepped up on the plate and delivered what he had offered at this meeting.

Bahria Town has a dedicated section called Corporate Social Responsibility which handles the various philanthropic projects undertaken by Malik Riaz and Bahria Town. Previously Malik Riaz has made donations to several national crisis such as the flooding and kidnappings of Pakistani Sailors.There are many ongoing welfare projects one of them being the 'Dastarkhwan' project which provides two free meals a day all year round to 100,000 people a day all over the country to anyone who is unable to afford the rising prices of basic necessities. Similarly other charitable workings of Bahria Town can be followed on the website www.csrbahriatown.com; all philanthropic efforts on Mr. Malik Riaz's part are listed here.
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