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Famed property tycoon to meet Pakistani community members

Date: Thursday 15th  January 2009                                                                                       

Malik Riaz to speak about property investment opportunities in Pakistan


London: A unique forum of its kind will provide opportunity to members of the Pakistan community in the UK to meet one of Pakistan's richest and  best known real estate tycoons. Held under the auspices of this newspaper at the Moses Room of House of Lord on 14th January (Wednesday) at 7 o clock, the forum will be addressed by Malik Riaz Hussain, who has risen to become Pakistan's best-known property developer. Ranked amongst to top 10 richest Pakistanis at an estimated worth $400m ($800) by unofficial sources, Malik Riaz is heading many massive property development state-of-the-art schemes in all major cities in Pakistan as well as overseas.Malik Riaz Hussain, it is widely believed, has developed his massive reputation by completing his schemes on time and without any hindrance and by meeting high standards, one of the prime examples being the successful project of Bahria Town, which is considered a model real estate project.

During his interaction with Pakistanis, Malik Riaz will speak about the opportunities that exist in the property development sector and why investment in this sector is good both for the country as well as investors.In the past, overseas Pakistani community member have often complained of being harassed by infamous land mafias and corrupt local administrations. In many cases, the properties of overseas Pakistanis were taken over by the powerful gangs, virtually leaving the investors empty pocketed but also eroding the confidence of many who would love to invest in the country of their origin.Malik Riaz, said a source, will hear these complaints in details and will pass on the summary to the higher authorities in Pakistan to make the system fool-proof and investment-friendly for overseas Pakistani who cannot afford to stay within Pakistan to look after thier properties.

The property tycoon will also inform the audience about the measures that have already been taken to restore the confidence of real estate investors, the precautions that must be taken at the time of investment and what Government laws say about it. It is expected that the live interactive session will be attended by a large number of Pakistani community members who are keen to invest in Pakistan.Forum details:  

Where: Moses Room, House of Lords, Via St Stephens Entrance. Nearest tube: Westminster (Jubilee Line)

When: 14th of January, Wednesday 2009 at 7:00pm


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