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Our Employees

Our People

‘We shall grow as a company through the growth of our people’ sets the tone for the Company policies towards employee caring and continuous development.

Our people are the most valuable asset. The billions rupee worth of machinery, vision challenging wide landscape and the best of technology are all futile unless the human passion engages all these resources towards realization of the dream.

We strive hard to hire the best and retain our HR at all costs.


  • Variety of roles, disciplines, functions to satisfy various people, chose one that you want.
  • A team of the most competitive and the innovative keeps you fuelled up with the spirit of winning.
  • Workplace diversity keeps the environment warm, interesting and promotes experiential learning.
  • Grow as fast as you want. Exceptional advancement opportunities totally based on performance.
  • Training and development programs for all levels ensure a high professional standard amongst our team.

Safe working

  • Integral to our culture
          • All actions taken to ensure safe and healthy workplaces, for staff in our offices and the workers at the development site.
          • Working towards ISO certification in 1 years time

          Embracing Diversity

          • Our diverse team composition with representation from different regional areas, religions, cultures and countries creates an institutional learning effect
          • Preferred hiring of female staff at equal competency levels ensures gender balance and assures a socially balanced working environment
          • Diversity at workplace promotes human respect and garners tolerance
          • Simply the presence of diversity exposes originality and stimulates imagination
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Offer to Purchase 14.42% Ordinary Shares of Escorts Investment Bank Limited.
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