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About Lahore

 Lahore: The Heart of Pakistan

Lahore is country's undisputed centre of Cultural life. When somebody is asked to define the particular charm of their city, Lahoris are apt to shrug and respond with a laconic, 'Lahore is Lahore'.

As the capital of the Punjab province, Lahore occupies a central position, and is generally called ' The Heart of Pakistan'. Lahore is situated on the banks of the poetically famous river “The Ravi”. With a network of canals and aquatic arteries, Lahore is a city of gardens and has the reputation of being the 'Green City'. Infact other major cities of Pakistan, including the national capital Islamabad has derived tangible “Green Inspiration” from this refreshing city. The climate of Lahore is very healthy and wholesome. Except for some days in summer, Lahore is a pleasant place to live.

Lahore is largely thought of as the cultural centre of Pakistan. Undoubtedly an ancient city, Lahore has been the hub of major Muslim era design and architecture masterpieces like the Badshahi Mosque, the 13 gates of the historic Walled City, The Shahi Qilla (Imperial Fort) and a host of other historical treasures.

The warm and receptive people of Lahore are known for their traditional hospitality. This is a city of vivid differences; where bustling bazaars, frantic streets, glorious fading elegance, British Architecture and echoing atmosphere of city's many mosques merge together into a history that is both dramatic and fascinating.

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