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We are of the opinion that your life should not be limited to the confines of your house or luxury villa. The infrastructure of your location must liberate you from all civic issues so that you can share your lifestyles with each other and strengthen the communal fabric.

At Bahria Town we strive hard, be it rain or a storm, be it hot under the sun or cold in the winter midnights, to ensure persistent and trouble free functioning of basic support and value added services and utilities within the comfort zones of your home and vicinity.

Grid Station

Candle light dinners are most enjoyable when they are not forced. In today’s modern world of electrical home appliances we realize that poor maintenance of the electricity supply may mean a loss of a few expensive appliances alongside added inconvenience. Thus in order to keep your passionately light decorated houses glimmering we have commissioned a dedicated grid station to ensure high reliability power supply.

Telephone Exchange

Exchanging greetings with relatives in other cities or abroad, attending a Tele-conversation, getting in touch with friends, family or traveling the world in seconds; whatever your needs may be, Bahria Town’s own dedicated state-of-the-art telephone exchanges in Bahria Town Lahore and Rawalpindi provides noise free service and enables high speed broadband internet for your soft-cruising pleasure.

Road Network

Roads are like arteries in the human body, if any gets blocked or falls out of circuit, the entire system suffers. The road network in Bahria Town is designed keeping the criticality of smooth flow. Roads have been made so as to connect the various projects in Bahria Town; this creates a sense of community like no one else does. Members are able to benefit from the amenities & facilities in other projects with ease.


Have ever thought of having a short stroll to the vicinity market and then thinking of all the traffic and mud eventually driven over in your car. Why? Because it was inconvenient and thus discouraging to walk in the absence of a foot path.


Long distance travel achieves its effectiveness through wide spanning and long reaching category of roads called “Expressways”. These are quite a few in Pakistan and no where in any housing society, except one, yes Bahria Town again!

Fuel Station

For the convenience of our valued residents, Bahria Town has accomodated PSO Fuel/Gas station both in Lahore and Rawalpindi projects. Since Bahria Town aims are to provide best infrastructure and amenities to its residents, thats why Bahria Town chose the service of PSO which is Pakistan's number one supplier of Fuel Energy provider.


Monuments are testaments to ones intentions and commitments. At Bahria Town our monuments are selected to demonstrate our commitment to our patrons; the customers and residents. Our commitment to our patrons is as beautiful, intricate and real as the unique and exclusive monuments spread all over Bahria Town.


Bahria Town is committed to providing the best level of service possible to all its members. Bahria town was the first private housing society to lay all utilities underground, electricity, telephone, gas and water lines are all laid underground.

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