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Al-Rehmat Project (Old Ittefaq Foundary)

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About Lahore

 Lahore: The Heart of Pakistan

Lahore is country's undisputed centre of Cultural life. When somebody is asked to define the particular charm of their city, Lahoris are apt to shrug and respond with a laconic, 'Lahore is Lahore'.

About Bahria Town Lahore

The great city of Lahore, where the historical cultural centre of Pakistan is greatly treasured for its historical assets, urbanization has already converted its image to a modern metropolitan. Hi-rise developments and an ever increasing population density has gradually crept over the natural greens that are a signature of the “land of the five rivers.

Bahria Town Lahore Lifestyle
Bahria Civic Center
Sector A
Sector B
Sector C
Sector D
Sector E
Sector F
Canal View Residency
Executive Lodges
Overseas Enclave
Safari Villas
Umer Usman & Ali Blocks
Bahria Orchard
Awami Villas

Bahria Nasheman
Bahria Education & Medical City
Park Lane Tower
Mall of Lahore

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