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Bahria Town is committed to operate in a way that protects the environment and takes into account the economic and social needs of the communities where we operate. Our goal is to achieve excellent environmental performance in each of our businesses to Protect Tomorrow, Today.

A Sustainable Approach to Environmental Protection - Understanding the full cycle of our operations is important to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. There are four key steps, which are integral to the life cycle and our operations. The first step is to assess the surroundings prior to development. The second is to design and construct facilities to minimize their environmental footprint. The third is to ensure the integrity of the facilities we operate. The fourth is to take all possible steps to restore the environment when operations are concluded.

Green is Life - The Special Parks Support Department ensures that the natural vegetation and ecosystem are maintained. Exotic plantation is also imported to give exclusive touch to our developments. All projects are eco-friendly. Pre-assessments ensure that the balance is maintained between natural resources like trees, greens, water bodies and the consumers i.e. inhabitants. Relocation for any type of wild-life and precious plants is planned for each excavation work.

Nature's Land Engineering Design - Planning incorporates special emphasis on the natural topography with a focus to refine its hidden aesthetics and not to alter the layout altogether Nature is the best artist. We endeavor to build on the same. Energy, water and resources, both natural and man-made, are utilized efficiently.


Caring for Local Communities - Working to Transform our Communities:

Our expansion plans, new initiatives and entry into new locations are always welcomed and supported because of the trust, relationships and goodwill that we have built with local community members. Our position as an industry leader & innovator enables us to help transform communities in unique ways. We specifically look for projects that combine our technical expertise, ability to develop infrastructure, the energy of our employees, and creative ideas to help build more inclusive, economically empowered and vibrant communities. We work to build open and collaborative relationships with the local communities, always striving to be an asset to the communities in or around Bahria Town developments.

Financial Benefit - As a general accepted trend, the value of the land in adjacent communities of Bahria Town appreciate greatly with Bahria Town’s development. This is due to the international standards & world class developments that are synonymous with Bahria Town’s name.

Local Roads & Infrastructure - Other than infrastructural development within the Bahria Town communities themselves, Bahria Town has always supported & contributed to the growth and development of the adjoining communities. Regular development & up-gradation of the local community roads is done by Bahria Town.

Legal Reforms - Bahria Town is consistently in the forefront of efforts to ensure that Pakistan’s legal system operates fairly and efficiently. In past years, Bahria Town has supported significant reforms that were directed towards minimizing the incentives for manipulating the legal system to the benefit of special interests. In particular, Malik Riaz Hussain Chairman Bahria Town has on several forums advocated placement of stringent laws for land mafia and for many of the ghost housing societies which have not only greatly damaged the trust for many in this industry but also caused them financial damage. Malik Riaz Hussain, Chairman Bahria Town addressed the Pakistani investors in House of Lords & discussed with them in detail the issues facing them. He also informed the audience about the measures that have already been taken to restore the confidence of real estate investors, the precautions that must be taken at the time of investment and what government law says about it. A large number of Pakistani expatriates in Britain attended the forum held. People from all walks of life including representatives of political, social and religious organizations attended the forum and asked questions from Malik Riaz Hussain (London, April 2009)

Pakistan... A Land of Opportunities - Malik Riaz Hussain, Chairman Bahria Town has always urged foreign investment for the Nation. He has invited High-profile multinationals developers, entrepreneurs and financers worldwide to visit Pakistan and explore the lucrative opportunities, especially in the sectors of power, construction & transport. Addressing the Malaysian Construction Investment & Development Board Melaka attended by CEOs and Managing Directors of multinational and construction companies of Malaysia he convincingly presented Pakistan’s case as a land of opportunities (The News, April 17th 2009).

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